I think it’s coming … the calendar tells me so.  And so, I am firing up the little greenhouse that I use for germinating my seeds and overwintering next years shrubs and perennials. It’s funny how difficult it is to imagine warmer weather ahead while we are in the firm grip of this winters ice age.

There is 6 -7 feet of snow piled up along the sides of our big, unheated greenhouses, and Cody had to go out in the tractor for hours in the frigid temps. just so Marilyn and I could walk down to them.  (He is such a treasure.)

You can imagine our surprise when we opened up the furthest house and found Anemones blooming!  What a treat.  The soil temperatures were in the mid – 40’s approaching 50.  Perfect for the ranunculus we’re planting tomorrow.

I swear, spring starts underneath the ground well before we feel it in the air.

And so, the little greenhouse is already bulging at the seams, full of flats of sprouting seeds that will grow into the flowers that we all love come summer.  And , finally, a winter thaw is promised for the coming week.

Yes, spring is definitely coming.

happy holidays to all

Things are definitely winding down on the farm now.  The ground is frozen like a rock.  Row cover is blanketing everything inside the hoophouses.   The peonies are asleep under a nice blanket of aged compost.

All is calm, All is bright.

Well, except for the few hundred remaining bulbs that still need to be planted.  How did we miss those? And then there’s the mountains (literally) of mulch that need to be spread over all 4 acres of shrub rows.  And did I mention the seed catalogs?  We spend hours pouring over them looking for the next really cool flower that you might love.

We’ve passed the winter solstice now and days are getting longer again so, I know, Spring is around the corner somewhere.  Meanwhile, we’re heading south to hit the beach and soak up some sun.

Thank you all for making 2010 our best year ever.  We’re going to outdo ourselves in 2011.  Wait and see!  We’ve got some ideas that will knock your sock off.

22 degrees with a low of 9 tonight ????

They’ve got to be kidding.

I knew winter would slam us eventually, and I thought I was prepared, but, I think I was just fooling myself.  This is brutal.

Marilyn went out this morning to dig up some carrots and the soil was FROZEN.  Inside the hoophouse!!!  I guess it’s time to haul out the rowcover and blanket everything. The funny thing is, the anemones that hid from the trowel when we were digging them all out in July, are blooming now.  It’s quite an unexpected sight at this time of year.  But, heartening, to say the least.

Is it spring yet?

another weekend project

Isn’t this an amazing trellis?  We took down part of our split rail fence and had all these great, aged locust rails so, we decided to build something for the kiwi vines to grow on.  This should give them enough room to spread out on, don’t you think?  We haven’t figured out yet what to do between the uprights.  I’m thinking wire grid panels like they use for concrete re-inforcement but, Marilyn wants something more natural.  Any ideas?


It’s like springtime in the little greenhouse.  A balmy 50 and the wonderful smell of growing things.  The Paperwhites are all coming up big and hunky, just the way we like them.  We got them from a new supplier this year and are very pleased with the early results.  We ordered enough to have a good supply through the Thanksgiving and Christmas season (we hope).  Marilyn will have them on the truck so you can see them this week.  Since we’ve mossed them for you already, all they need are your special touch and they’re ready to sell. Potted in singles, threes and fives in clay, and some sixes in wooden boxes.

Boo … !

Happy Halloween to all you ghoulish fiends.

tulips going in this week

It’s been so wet lately!  What a difference from this past summer.  Since planting tulips involves getting out the heavy equipment, dry conditions are a must.  Not to mention, my aging knees prefer it.  3600 bulb are stacked in the garage waiting for me.  Varieties for next spring are:  Queen of Night, Camarque, Fantasy, Sunlover, Temple of Beauty, Maureen, Menton, Don Q, World Expression, Avignon and Grand Style.  Oh Boy, already I can’t wait for spring!

Yikes! it’s almost October!

Where did September go?  The leaves are dropping off the maples in our yard so fast it’s like a golden snowstorm.  Speaking of which, I sure hope we don’t see one of those for a long time.  Maybe, Christmas eve?  On another note: We have a bumper crop of green onions.  I know this isn’t flower related but, if you like to eat green onions, just let Marilyn know, and she’ll bring you a bunch.  They’re yummy.

there’s some weird things growing out yonder in the pumpkin patch

I know it’s only the middle of summer, but these gourds were so cool, I just had to show you. Tiptoeing around in the pumpkin patch is like a treasure hunt.  Marilyn and I were so thrilled with this one, we had to pick it.  Maybe we’ll have a pumpkin picking party in the fall.  Whatdaya think?

I promise to take more pictures

It’s just been crazy around here trying to get everything in the ground but, we’re starting to pick some way cool things that you’ve just got to see.  I’ll get out there with the camera soon so check back.

And guess what?  The Bup is ready. YEAH