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Pinewood scented geranium


This is pinewood scented geranium for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.  Very elegant in an arrangement …



The tweedia is looking sweet this year.  No other flower is this shade of blue.  I finally solved the blossom spotting problem I’ve had in past years and the plants are doing great.  Limited quantity … Please order in advance if you really need it for an event.



colors are: white, yellow, pink, lavender, purple and picotte …..



Lisianthus is ready and it’s the best we’ve ever grown!

rain? again?

imagesWe,re building a boat and issuing invitations in pairs. The frogs are even living in my plug trays on the driveway.  Despite all this rain, we have lots of beautiful flowers to pick for you … check out the “current pick list ” on the right.  Feel free to come visit the farm anytime; we have umbrellas.


IMG_0277Foxy Foxglove is a new crop for us this year and, despite all the wetness, they are blooming the first year.  We have a limited supply so ordering in advance is critical!



This year we started out with all new dahlia tubers, mostly from those experts at Swan Island Dahlias in Oregon.  They are the most gorgeous dahlias you’ve ever seen!  As usual, we’re cutting 24″ to 30″ stems with buds.

mountain mint


MOUNTAIN MINT is in and we’re cutting as fast as rabbits!

A fine crop this year … maybe it’s all this rain?