CRW_6292Last week for sunflowers.  I had to pick them all to make room for the anemones for next spring (remember them?)  Marilyn has special pricing on these sunflowers so get ’em while they’re hot!  Mini’s too …. yeah!


IMG_6323The Dahlias are loving these cooler nights.  The colors are more intense and the blooms are huge. It’s a race till the first frost. I picked 265 of them this morning … a record picking and I’ll be picking again on Wednesday! … Yikes!

Brrrrrrrrrr ……

Feel that chill in the air in the morning?  Old man winter is knocking at the door.  I’m getting busy planting next year’s delphinium and larkspur.  Seems weird to be planting now but it works.  That whole biannual thing is strange.

The Dahlias and Roses are loving this weather and coming on strong.  In fact, some of the Dahlias are over my head in spite of my efforts to cut them back all summer.  What’s a girl to do?

Gomphrena will be ready in a bit and the kale is looking good.  Still green but I’ll let you know when it starts to color up.

It’s time to bring some firewood in, I think.

lisianthus update

We’re pretty much done cutting the first two plantings of lisianthus.  Starting next week, the single green and the single purple will probably be ready.  After that, say around September 15th or so, we’ll have double white and double purple.