BOO …..

Cody and his friends carved pumpkins for us.

halloween pumkins photo

We lined them up on the front  porch to scare away any  roaming spirits this Saturday.  They look kind of  friendly  though, so we don’t  know if  it’s going to work.

Happy Halloween

It’s time to plant tulips … all 4000 of them!

While that sounds like a lot, it’s nothing compared to previous years.  In one memorable fall several years ago, we planted 30,000. That was a lot!

Varieties for next spring are: menton, maureen, dordogne, don quichotte, queen of night, orange emperor, virichic, beau monde, sunlover, bright parrot, red parrot, and temple of beauty.

As we get closer to spring, I’ll upload pictures for you.  Right now, I’ve got my hands full.


winterberryphotoThe Winterberry crop is fabulous this year and we’ve started picking already.  Isn’t it beautiful?

We’re also picking local wild rosehips ( I’ll post a picture soon ) Available in short bunches and arching canes.

japanese anemones

j.anemome2photoj.anemone photo