there’s a new kid on the block

New from the farm this year, Physostegia “miss manners” is just getting started.

It’s common name is “obedient plant”.

But I don’t know … it doesn’t do anything I tell it to do.

It”s kind of like a white veronica with blossoms on steroids and the white is as pure and clear a white as I’ve ever seen.  Perfect filler for wedding work, I’m cutting it at around 30″ tall so you can use it for vase work, or, chop it down for bouquets or centerpieces.  Either way, it’s stunning.  And if you have the nerve, supposedly you can bend the flowers any way you want and they stay put.  It’s pink cousin will be ready for picking in a few weeks.


This picture just doesn’t do it justice.  Everyone is going ga-ga when they see it.  it’s not anything like the campanula you’re used to seeing from importers.  Buy local, baby!

chocolate cosmos

We have a steady supply of chocolate cosmos from plants we overwintered this past year.  Here it is with our  Tweedia.  They actually grow next to each other in the hoop house.  A lovely friendship, don’t you think?


The Dahlias are starting to do their thing.  We’ve added a tomato red, clear lemon yellow and a lovely white to the mix.  You’re gonna love them.