The Tweedia has been growing strong all summer this year and Cody took this great picture for us.  there’s a new flush of blooms now and it is gorgeous!

euphorbia marginata

I haven’t grown this in a few years because of the sap problem but, I love it, and this year it is lovely.  I’ve also figured out how to condition it properly  so it can be handled without causing itching. This is the only planting so, if you love it too, now’s the time.

ornamental basils

siam basil
thai basil
red rubin basil

Wondering what in the heck “ornamental basils” are?  Well, I thought I better post some photos because they are fabulous.  Great color punch for fillers and, they add a delicious scent, too.  Sorry, I haven’t figured out how to do ‘scratch and sniff’ but, trust me, these are yummy.  Not pictured is ‘lemon basil’ which I’m sure you can imagine.

limelite hydrangea is in

The limelite hydrangeas are ready.  All sizes are currently available and boy, are they gorgeous!

gourd mania

I think we’re going to have a bumper crop of bottle gourds.  They’re thick as thieves out  there.  We grew both large and “baby” gourds; the little ones are great for ‘picking’ into fall arrangements, just like baby pumpkins.  We always cut them with long, curling stems for more impact.