urchin pods

If you haven’t gotten these yet, I thought you might want to see just what in the heck they are.  Strangely compelling and a real conversation starter, these seed pods are the coolest, no matter what you call them.  They don’t start doing their thing until way late in the season and so, some years, they’re just not available, but, this year they are growing like gangbusters.  Hope that first frost holds off for a while so we can have them as long as possible.


Vivid, isn’t it?

Yikes! it’s almost October!

Where did September go?  The leaves are dropping off the maples in our yard so fast it’s like a golden snowstorm.  Speaking of which, I sure hope we don’t see one of those for a long time.  Maybe, Christmas eve?  On another note: We have a bumper crop of green onions.  I know this isn’t flower related but, if you like to eat green onions, just let Marilyn know, and she’ll bring you a bunch.  They’re yummy.

Ha – Ha

One of our interns having a snack earlier this summer. He found the leaves delicious but not too sure about those pink things.

sedum matrona

Looking pretty spectacular, don’t you think?  They’re about halfway bloomed and, pinky, mauvy in color. And with that dark stem … Oh La La  Very dramatic.