Boo … !

Happy Halloween to all you ghoulish fiends.

Tulip planting

Well, it was a beautiful day on Saturday and all the tulips are in the ground.  As you can see, I had a little help from my cat, Poppy.  Actually, he was letting me know it was time for his lunch and would I please stop playing in the dirt already!  Poppy is a wee elderly and has lost all his teeth except for his canines so, soft food is a must.  Oddly enough, he is still a great hunter and has even managed to get small rabbits from time to time.  Of course, he brings them all into the house through the little cat door and  leaves them in strategic spots for us to admire.  Isn’t that special?

tulips going in this week

It’s been so wet lately!  What a difference from this past summer.  Since planting tulips involves getting out the heavy equipment, dry conditions are a must.  Not to mention, my aging knees prefer it.  3600 bulb are stacked in the garage waiting for me.  Varieties for next spring are:  Queen of Night, Camarque, Fantasy, Sunlover, Temple of Beauty, Maureen, Menton, Don Q, World Expression, Avignon and Grand Style.  Oh Boy, already I can’t wait for spring!

Brrrrr …..

It’s Sunday morning on Columbus Day week-end and, right on schedule, we got a major frost.  This wasn’t even forecast until the last minute so, we did what we could to save as much as possible.  I hope everything is OK out there.  It’s looking a little white.  Good news is, the temperature didn’t get as low as they were forecasting.  Looks like fair weather ahead so, we should be good for a while.  The pick list I post tomorrow will tell the tale.