another weekend project

Isn’t this an amazing trellis?  We took down part of our split rail fence and had all these great, aged locust rails so, we decided to build something for the kiwi vines to grow on.  This should give them enough room to spread out on, don’t you think?  We haven’t figured out yet what to do between the uprights.  I’m thinking wire grid panels like they use for concrete re-inforcement but, Marilyn wants something more natural.  Any ideas?


It’s like springtime in the little greenhouse.  A balmy 50 and the wonderful smell of growing things.  The Paperwhites are all coming up big and hunky, just the way we like them.  We got them from a new supplier this year and are very pleased with the early results.  We ordered enough to have a good supply through the Thanksgiving and Christmas season (we hope).  Marilyn will have them on the truck so you can see them this week.  Since we’ve mossed them for you already, all they need are your special touch and they’re ready to sell. Potted in singles, threes and fives in clay, and some sixes in wooden boxes.