I think it’s coming … the calendar tells me so.  And so, I am firing up the little greenhouse that I use for germinating my seeds and overwintering next years shrubs and perennials. It’s funny how difficult it is to imagine warmer weather ahead while we are in the firm grip of this winters ice age.

There is 6 -7 feet of snow piled up along the sides of our big, unheated greenhouses, and Cody had to go out in the tractor for hours in the frigid temps. just so Marilyn and I could walk down to them.  (He is such a treasure.)

You can imagine our surprise when we opened up the furthest house and found Anemones blooming!  What a treat.  The soil temperatures were in the mid – 40’s approaching 50.  Perfect for the ranunculus we’re planting tomorrow.

I swear, spring starts underneath the ground well before we feel it in the air.

And so, the little greenhouse is already bulging at the seams, full of flats of sprouting seeds that will grow into the flowers that we all love come summer.  And , finally, a winter thaw is promised for the coming week.

Yes, spring is definitely coming.