Picking 3/21/11

So happy SPRING is officially here!

I’m doing something different with the weekly farm availability list … instead of being in the sidebar, it will be here in the main post section.  That way, it will be archived, so you can easily find out what was available back when.

Right now, we have:

Curly willow, red and green in three sizes

Moss, just picked a fresh batch

German Spirea

Pussy Willow

Anemones, very limited, they are still a little chilly so, stem length isn’t there yet


Quince, pink

Kerria, green stems will produce golden flowers. Lasts a long time.

Will it never end?

Just as the ice and snow was starting to retreat, like a giant glacier reluctantly giving in to the demands of Mother Nature, she turned around and slapped us in the face with this.  Covering all our newly rediscovered earth with a vicious layer of ice and snow.  And to top it off, we lost power for 39 hours.  Was it something I said?