flash forward

Refer to the April 16th post … this is 10 days later!  I swear, you can just sit and watch the peonies grow.  At this rate, they’ll be ready for Mother’s Day!  OK, maybe not that soon.

ahhh, spring

dogs pathCody took this picture of the shortcut the dogs take to get down the back hill.  Doesn’t it just scream spring?

What’s this?

A cute vignette MAC created in the workshop.  Luckily, that grasshopper isn’t real.  When I was planting the lisianthus plugs in house #1, there were newborn baby grasshoppers jumping all over the place.  Cute little dickens … 1/2 inch long and beige with big eyes.  I was freaking out about how to get rid of them because you know how big and hungry they get.  Oddly enough, they seem to have disappeared.  I guess they all left for greener pastures.  At least, I hope so.

peonies are up

The last heat wave gave everything a push, literally, as you can see.  This year, we are building mini tunnels over 2 of the rows so they’ll be earlier.  Cool, Huh?

A quick bouquet from greenhouse #3

Spring on the farm

The little greenhouse, hard at work.  This spring has been a challenge because of the below average temperatures.  I start seeding around the first of February and, the plan is, once the seedlings are established, they move out to the big, unheated greenhouse to finish under row cover.

Since we had such a chilly March,  they’re a little backed up, to say the least!  Even so, I’ve managed to get the stock (1600) lisianthus (1000+) and dianthus (I lost count) in the ground.  Oh, and 500 or so delphinium.  April is looking good!

Tulips, lilies, ranunculus and anemones are all growing strong.  It won’t be long now!