picking 1/29/12

  • curly willow, green and red, many sizes
  • kerria, acid green branches that will flower with golden puffs given time
  • pussy willow, ready to pop, 3 kinds
  • fosythia, 2′ and 4′
  • german spirea, a cloud of white blossoms, just starting
  • date palm pods we picked in Florida
  • variegated giant pothos leaves, again from Florida
  • moss


We’re going tropical for 2012.  While we were in Florida, we took the opportunity to visit a couple of nurseries.  We were very excited to find a supplier for “Macho Fern”,  a plant we have always enjoyed in our urns flanking the front walkway but, were never able to get in quantity.  These are beautiful long fronds unlike any fern you’ve ever seen.  

How  fun is that?